If you shoot corrugated fasteners in to hardwoods, look no further than the Uffy Tools TH-T-SC10.

Trusted by professionals for it’s industrial quality, this tool’s magnesium housing can withstand all the rigors of constant use.  

• Designed for use with Senclamps ®* sizes: 5/16″, 7/16″, 9/16″ (Y05BFA, Y07BFA, Y09BFAN)
• Sequential fire or single fire toggle switch
• Trigger wheel depth adjust (no tools required)
• Magnesium housing
• Steel cylinders
• Steel magazine
• Revolving air deflection cap
• L 12.8″, W 2″, H 10″
• Weight 5.8 lbs

*Senclamp® is is a registered trademark of Senco Brands, Inc.