Decorative Upholstery Tack  Nailer

Uffy’s revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, bulk load, automatic feeding, decorative tack nailer will  shoot the common 7/16″ head by 1/2″ shank nails (sometimes refereed to as 1009 nails) and most other nails that fit within the specifications.

Place a handful of loose decorative nail tacks in the hopper and the tool will automatically feed the decorative nails speeding up projects completion time.

Nails within parameters of pictured guide will function.  Users will most commonly find 7/16″ head and 1/2″ shank nails readily available.  Any generic nail should operate in this tool but we do recommend our own nails.


  • The tool requires a compressor that can produce at least 6.7 CFM @ 90 PSI (Note: this is a different rating than horse power.  No conversion from horsepower to CFM should be used. It’s best to check manufacturers specifications).
  • French natural and antique brass tacks will run through the tool without scratching as there is an inherent nonconformity to the design.
    • Matte or polished tacks may scratch in the tool as the tornado effect inside the hopper, can cause the tacks’ points to knock in to each other.
    • In many cases fewer tacks in the hopper can solve this issue.
    • We have yet to find a matte black tack that will not scratch in the tool…customers are encouraged to use a gunmetal tack in place.
  • The tool should not require many spare parts however, if you are an international buyer, it is always good to purchase a few spare parts
    • The tool comes with 2 pcs. of Nozzle Rubbers TH-P-DECO1-WO0710:  We recommend two extra.
    • If the tool is dropped on a hard surface from height, there is chance of collet assembly damage:
  • Check the nail size specification drawing and make certain your nails will work in the TH-T-DECO1