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New Look

September 8th, 2015|Comments Off on New Look

Over the next few months, our tools will start to look a

Is this the best pallet nailer on the market?

November 4th, 2014|93 Comments

Three months ago, Uffy introduced the TH-T-CFN70-15.  A rugged coil nailer with

TH-T-CS41 Auto-Feed Screw System Intorduced

October 3rd, 2014|117 Comments

This month, Uffy tools introduced the TH-T-CS41 Auto-Feed Screw System.  The systems

Tools of the Trade Product Watch TH-T-CZ10

Tools of the Trade Fall 2012 issue recognizes Uffy Tool's TH-T-CZ10 "Durable Pinner" in it's Product Watch. http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/drilldrivers/durable-pinner.aspx

Cabinetmaker FDM mentions TH-T-DECO1

We would like to thank Cabinetmaker FDM for mentioning the TH-T-DECO1 on their website under new product watch. http://www.cabinetmakerfdm.com/86366.html

ToolSelect.com Lists Uffy Tools

The TH-T-R45, TH-T-1825XP, and the TH-T-N45XP are now listed on ToolSelect.com.  We are still anxiously awaiting their review. http://www.toolselect.com/search/brand/Uffy-Tools

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