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Uffy Tools - Tools - TH-T-M66 Clinch Clip Tool

Tool: TH-T-M66

Tool Type: Clincher

Shoots: Clinch Clip (Hartco Clips®*) CL-03, CL-04, CL-71, CL-72, CL-05

Hartco Clip hartco clip

Key Advantages:
• For Bedding, Mattress, Steel Clinching, Steel Tying
• 17 ¾” OAL x 8” H
• 3 ¾ lbs.
• ¼” Air Inlet
• Air Pressure Specifications:
- Max 115 PSI
- Recommended 75 PSI

Exploded View/parts breakdown: Click Here

*Hartco® is is a registered trademark of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.


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